Selecting art for your home: a 5-part guide

1 Apr

There is nothing quite like choosing art for your home. It is the icing on the cake – the one thing that can make your home explode with personality. It can transform rooms if done correctly, as well as make it feel like your space. Art is something you can enjoy for years and years, so choosing carefully is highly recommended!

  1. Search for artwork you like. It sounds simple, but it is all too easy to let the influence of others persuade you to buy art that is trendy and fashionable, but that will grow old quickly. Artwork that carries recommendation is great – but only if you would have chosen it anyway! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and after all it is going to be your eyes that are looking at it!
  2. Envisage it in your home. Plan where it will go before you purchase. Think about the hanging height (eye-level is best) and give it enough space to really make an impact. Try and choose art that reflects at least one colour in the surrounding decor to make it feel like it really belongs there.
  3. Adapt your room to suit. If your new artwork is the wrong size for a certain space, then you can always rearrange furniture to adopt it. Bare in mind, however, that the best art will look natural and organic in its surroundings.
  4. Experiment. Art is subjective and the way you hang it is too. All your walls (and your ceiling!) are potential gallery spaces. Try hanging artwork on the back of a door to get a lovely surprise every time you close it. This a guarenteed way to bring a smile to your face!
  5. Personalise. Try choosing artwork you can make your own without making too many changes. Personalised prints are the easiest way to introduce a little flavour into your home, with just the right colours and in just the right size. This also makes them more meaningful! Nye Portraits offer a bespoke portrait service, creatively capturing a memory for less than you might think.

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Henry framed door artwork


“It just makes that memory a little more vivid”

19 Mar

Aqeela – author of the wonderfully artistic blog Aqeela’s House – recently wrote a blog post about her Nye Portrait.

Kilby Canal - Prints available

Kilby Canal – Prints available

She had a lovely photo of her son, looking over a canal bridge, that made the basis for a brilliant piece of art and a fantastic memory.

She highlights in her post some of the detail that you may otherwise miss on digital versions. In print, there is far more depth to the image. It really has to be seen in the flesh. Follow @nyeportraits on twitter to stay updated with details of some upcoming exhibitions and events, or order your very own illustrated memory.

“I think artwork is one of the things which is most flexible when it comes to interiors, modern or traditional, it usually just fits in no matter what the rest of the décor is like.”

So if your home is very traditional, ultra-modern, or somewhere in between, Nye Portraits can give you that finishing touch you’re looking for!

To view the full post, click here.

“My little people were clearly recognisable and the detail was amazing”

19 Mar

Jenny, of The Gingerbread House blog, has written about her very own Nye Portrait. Big Bro and Little Sis have been “transformed”.

Kearneys - Prints available

Kearneys – Prints available

“You can buy different sizes of your image, and also have it in different formats including canvas prints and mugs, which would make lovely gifts for birthdays or special occasions.”

Portraits are often difficult with young ones – as no doubt any parent will tell you. Trying to make one little wiggler sit still for any length of time is a battle, let alone two, three or more. Whole family portraits are often very difficult. That is where Nye Portraits comes in. Not only do you have a very special memory immortalised, it is also a stylish bit of art to display proudly – as Jenny will do soon!

She says, “I can’t wait to hang this in our new home.”

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“These stunning portraits would make such thoughtful gifts”

14 Mar

Maddie Sinclair, author of the brilliant Gammon and Chips blog has written an article about her experience with Nye Portraits.

Gammon and Chips - Prints available

Gammon and Chips – Prints available

“I LOVE what she’s done with our portrait, especially the texture of the rug, which she has got absolutely down pat (it’s a green Ikea Hampen rug which looks exactly like grass!)”

“I think her portraits are a lovely modern way of keeping your family memories alive.”

To view the post in full, click here.

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Beanzz Exhibition

2 Mar

Selected portraits are to be exhibited in Beanzz Coffee Shop, 39 Grove Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 4TX from Monday 4th March 2013.

Coffee for the taste-buds, art for the eyes.